Welcome to Austral Doom Realms!
A free Australia And New Zealand's automated server host for Zandronum and Q-Zandronum.
We also host Odamex but you need to ask the Owner on discord to open one or more.

TSPG's Bug Tracker
We use TSPG's Bug Tracker for this service If you find anything broken on our website and/or our service here.
But you must log-in/Sign-up to TSPG before you submit problems to it.

Discord Server!
Here is the invite link to our server.

We have a Patreon!
Donating even a little will help keep the server up and running, and you can get some nice little rewards too.
Become a patreon here!

Also consider donating to Dark-Assassin
Dark-Assassin is the creator and primary maintainer of this website.
You can appreciate their work by donating to their Paypal, Ko-fi or their Patreon.